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The ‘victim’ approach to the study of white women in the slave formation, therefore, has severe limitations… while white males were the predominant owners of slaves in the plantation sector, the same cannot be said for the urban sector. White women were generally the owners of small properties, rather than large estates, but their small properties were more proportionately stocked with slaves than the large, male owned properties.

In 1815, white women owned about 24 percent of the slaves in St Lucia; 12 per cent of the slaves on properties of more than 50 slaves, and 48 per cent of the properties with less than 10 slaves. In Barbados in 1817, less than five of the holdings of 50 slaves or more were owned by white women, but they owned 40 percent of the properties with less than 10 slaves…

White women also owned more female slaves than male slaves. The extensive female ownership of slaves in the towns was matched by the unusually high proportion of females in the slave population; female slave owners owned more female slaves than male slave owners….

From these data the image that emerges of the white female slaveowner is that she was generally urban, in possession of less than ten slaves, the majority of whom were female. That female slaveowners generally owned female slaves, indicates the nature of enterprises, and hence labour regimes, managed and owned by white women. It is reasonable, then, to argue that any conceptualization of urban slavery, especially with reference to the experiences of enslaved black women, should proceed with an explicit articulation of white women are principal slaveowners.

---excerpt from Centering Woman: Gender Discourses in Caribbean Slave Society by Hilary McD Beckles  (via daniellemertina)

White feminists tend to conveniently forget this and pretend that they don’t benefit from white supremacy like white men (via thisisnotjapan)
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This is honestly the best poster I have found in a while supporting breast cancer awareness. I am honestly so sick of seeing, “set the tatas free” and “save the boobies”. There is no reason in hell a life threatening, life ruining disease should be sexualized. “Don’t wear a bra day,” go fuck yourselves. You’re not saving a pair of tits, you’re saving the entire package: mind, body, and soul included. Women are not just a pair of breasts.

I am honestly so uncomfortable when people wear those bracelets and shirts.

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Making of my fem!Winter Soldier Cosplay

A story of fails, wins and a lot of coffee…

Holy fucking shit I can’t tell if I want to be you or be with you

Greek mythology meme: [4/4] pairings

Hades and Persephone

Persephone was gathering flowers in a field when she was kidnapped by Hades, who was in love with her and who’d been permitted to Persephone’s hand by Zeus. Demeter, however, was so distraught by the abduction of her daughter that she refused to let anything grow until Persephone was safely returned aboveground. Eventually, Zeus told Hades to release the goddess from the underworld and Hades complied. However, since Persephone had eaten pomegranate seeds in the underworld, she was forever bound to it and so had to spend half of each year with Hades.

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spell your name in my ask
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Only on the internet could you find a shark in a cat suit riding a roomba.

Here it is folks. The two gifs that will break me. My life has just come full circle because of this. Goodbye friends I am gone.

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If you feel like cringing yourself to death and crying to sleep for the rest of your life should you miraculously survive the ordeal, you can watch it on youtube

I couldn’t make it two minutes in

Save yourselves

barely made it 15 seconds in 

n o p e


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